Building leaders, building teams

I believe that leadership can be defined as influencing a group of individuals to work together to achieve a common goal. With this in mind, I work with individuals and teams to develop their influencing skills. In modern teams, each member will have a role to play by influencing the group toward their common goal. Leaders know how to inspire the actions and behaviors they want of their team. I help leaders understand how to communicate the vision, strengthen relationships and motivate each team member effectively. These include skills such as self-awareness, situational awareness, growth mindset, and communication (just to name a few).

Individual or team consulting

We will work with you to design one on one sessions or team sessions tailored to meet your leadership needs.  Some people choose ongoing sessions. This will begin with identifying your unique needs, creating an action plan to address those needs, helping you to execute the plan, and providing insight for reflection and further development. It is great when we can develop a relationship with clients over time. If you’d rather have a set number of sessions we can do that, too.

Workshops & events

Workshops and lectures that will engage your team and build effective leaders.  These interactive and educational sessions will leave you and your organziation with practical skills that you can start using right away.

I’m interested but I’m worried about spending money and then regretting it.

You can use the “Contact Us” button to reach out. The first consultation is a 30-minute, free session either over the phone or via Zoom. We get to know you, what you need and what you are trying to accomplish. Once we have been able to identify your goals we will finish by suggesting an action plan that will be sent to you via email. If you like it we can then discussed the timeline and budget.

What are some things you can do for me or my team?

Our work spans a great number of clients from different backgrounds. Below you will find a sample of some services and workshops we have provided.


DISC is an easy to understand model, which can be used to develop self-awareness.  By increasing self-awareness DISC can also provide tools to help us understand others, improve our communication skills and build strong, effective relationships.  The skills of self-awareness and relationship building are significant in sport, in life and in business. Study after study has demonstrated that the mental, emotional and relationship skills elevate good teams to great teams. 

DISC focuses on behavior, how someone prefers to act and what they do.  We focus on behavior because we can change the way we behave.  By increasing self-awareness individuals can quickly recognize what behavior is most appropriate to getting the outcome they desire whether in sport, in life or in business.

DISC measures the degree of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious behavior.  When you receive your DISC Report you will see how your own unique levels of behavior combine to make up your profile. 



Today’s workplace is in constant change and careers are evolving to keep pace. It will not be unusual for people to change careers 4-5 times during their working lives. Furthermore, research indicates that more than 50% of working people hold jobs that do not utilize their natural talents, so they are neither fully motivated nor satisfied with their work. Research suggests that 50-80% of all employed adults are in the wrong job or career.

Given these realities we can provide consultations that address a number of areas:

  1. Find a career that fits your unique style of behaving so that you are more fully satisfied and motivated by the work you do.

  2. Find useful ways to adapt your style to meet the needs of your working environment more successfully.

  3. Help organizations ensure that they are using the employees in ways that maximize their talents and interests

  4. Help leadership provide proper motivation and communication to meet individual’s unique needs and styles.


DISC FOR ATHLETES: Athlete Assessments’ AthleteDISC Profile is a unique personality and behavioral profiling system designed specifically for athletes.  AthleteDISC gives you detailed, personalized insight and analysis that enables you to truly understand how and why you behave as you do in training and in competition, and why you get the results you do.  With this valuable information and guidance you can consciously apply your personal strengths, and identify specific issues to focus on, to realize your full potential as an athlete.

DISC FOR COACHES: The distinguishing factor of great Coaches is their constant pursuit for the competitive edge both in their athletes and themselves. Coaches will better understand their coaching styles (and their fellow-Coaches’ and staff) and find new ways to further improve their coaching and communication with athletes and others. Ultimately, this results in increased success! 


Research pioneered by Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck, shows that our mindsets have the biggest impact on our development and future success. Reframing the way we see a challenge is a huge step in the process of cultivating a growth mindset. In this session, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of a growth mindset, and be lead through exercises, which will leave them with the necessary skills to continue to grow on their own.


  1. Discover how our emotional brain drives our behavior

  2. Create self-awareness skills that will help us react in ways that are more productive

  3. Identify Opportunities to Grow aka Goal Setting


Many leaders have a clear vision of how to get to their goal, but research tells us that people are motivated by the "why" before the "how".  As a leader, it is important that you can clearly articulate your values to the people who will be following you. It is also important to understand your values as they can be used to set a standard for behavior on your team.


  1. Identifying your values

  2. Keys to communicating your values in concrete ways

  3. Using your values to set your standards for behavior on your team.


Many people groan when the hear the term “team building activity”, and rightfully so. Many team building activities are used with misguided assumptions about how to use it or how to execute it effectively. A team building exercise just for the sake of checking off a box that says, “We did team building” is useless. We will work with your organization to identify what specifically you are hoping to achieve. We will then customize your team building activities to meet those goals and provide proper debriefing exercises to examine what we learned.

Possible learning outcomes:

  1. Performance under pressure

  2. Communicating effectively with different people

  3. Attention to detail

  4. Persisting through a challenge

  5. Enthusiasm and energy

  6. How to work effectively with different people


We can help coach you through whatever professional stage you are in. Whether you are just starting out, looking to make a career change or in a senior leadership role we can help meet your unique needs. This might include:

  1. Resume development

  2. Interview preparation

  3. Networking development

  4. Identifying your unique interests and matching them to the right career

  5. Learning how to handle conflict at work

  6. Learning how to work with different working styles

  7. Learning how to adapt effectively to get the most productive outcome