Here is a sample of our projects.


Drexel sport leadership academy


Erin Glaser has worked as the program manager and lead educator for Drexel Sport Leadership Academy.  She co-wrote and created the curriculum and workbook for "Introduction to Sport Coaching Leadership".  This program was delivered to interscholastic coaches throughout Pennsylvania.  The workshop provided coaches an opportunity to build their coaching toolbox and increase their skills as mentors and leaders to their student-athletes.  Glaser also worked with Penn Athletic Rowing Association and delivered a series of leadership workshops such as "Mental Toughness for Athletes" and "Positively Managing Change". 


Levitt Leadership Institute

Erin Glaser has worked as a leadership trainer at Hamilton College's Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI).  LLI is an intensive leadership training program for the purpose of helping students recognize, develop and practice leadership skills that are essential for creating personal and societal change.  The training includes interpersonal skills that emphasize a career in public service at the local, regional and national level

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USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball

Erin Glaser was invited to be a visiting coach for the USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team at their A2 Development Program.  She is currently working on establishing a Sitting Volleyball program in the Philadelphia area and is involved with other adaptive sports, as well.


Montclair State University Leadership Institute

Erin Glaser's has been a visiting facilitator at the Leadership Institute. She was presented on “Growth Mindset: Train Your Brain” and "Developing Your Why" both of which were highlights of many participants. On the exit survey many participants picked her session as the most beneficial session they went to throughout the day.  

“Developing your Why” Session summary: Many leaders have a clear vision of what their goal is, but research tells us that people are motivated by the "why" before the "what".  As a leader, it is important that you can clearly articulate your values to the people who will be following you. It is also important to understand your values as they can be used to set a standard for behavior on your team.

“Growth Mindset: Train Your Brain” Session summary: Research pioneered by Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck, shows that our mindsets have the biggest impact on our development and future success. Reframing the way we see a challenge is a huge step in the process of cultivating a growth mindset. In this session, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of a growth mindset, and be lead through exercises, which will leave them with the necessary skills to continue to grow on their own.


American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Convention

"Building a Positive Team Culture and Effective Leaders: Lessons Learned and What to Avoid".  Erin Glaser co-presented with Bo Hanson, an Olympic medalist and international coaching consultant with Athlete Assessments.

Session Summary: While most coaches feel very confident in developing the technical skills of their team and physical conditioning, often what they find most challenging is how to build their team culture and develop leadership within their student-athletes. This session presents a real-life case study on the ‘how-to’ to developing these areas of your program. It is a practical guide that shares the most critical aspects to get right, along with what to avoid.

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Hamilton College Student AThlete Leadership academy

Erin Glaser served as a member of the Leadership Committee at Hamilton College tasked with developing a leadership academy for the student-athletes.  Skills emphasized include conflict resolution, communication and self awareness strategies using DISC, personal accountability, consensus building and motivating.

Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SergeyNivens/iStock / Getty Images

Women Exercising Leadership 

Erin Glaser is currently working on developing a podcast called "Women Exercising Leadership".  

This podcast is an interview based format, which will focus on asking guests to describe their "crucible leadership" experience and insights gained from that experience.  We will focus specifically on women exercising leadership.  As Ibarra, Ely and Kolb point out in their article Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers, “Integrating leadership into one’s core identity is particularly challenging for women, who must establish credibility in a culture that is deeply conflicted about whether, when, and how they should exercise authority.  Practices that equate leadership with behaviors considered more common in men suggest that women are simply not cut out to be leaders”.

It is therefore crucial that we provide a platform for female leaders to be heard and share their leadership stories.  It is our belief that women are “cut out to be leaders” and the more we hear their stories, the more we can understand and appreciate what it means to be a woman exercising leadership.